The Benefits of Accessing Primary Care

The Benefits of Accessing Primary Care

3 Ways DevOps Has Made Robotic Prostate Surgery More Reliable For Patients

Susan Wood

Prostate surgery is a highly delicate procedure for many patients. The sensitive nature of this surgical process has led to the need for more efficiency and accurate results.

Robotic prostate surgery became popular due to the need to provide patients with a more reliable treatment option for their prostate issues. The use of robotics is effective because these machines can be programmed to carry out specific tasks with a high level of efficiency.

To make robotic prostate surgery more reliable and efficient, DevOps has been incorporated into the equipment design process. If you don't know about DevOps, it generally refers to a complete product development process from beginning to end. It can be used to design machines that are highly accurate in assisting with robotic prostate surgery.

Understanding DevOps

During the design phase of any product, there are 3 important steps involved: product development, testing and deployment. The same procedure applies to machines for prostate surgery. The robots first need to be developed, tested for safety and efficiency and then deployed for use in the market. DevOps refers to the process of implementing these 3 steps under a common umbrella.

The primary goal of DevOps is to develop a framework of continuous development, such that the machines used to aid in surgery are more streamlined and effective. DevOps involves sharing data in real time during the production process while also working closely with manufacturers and end-users.

3 Ways DevOps impacts robotic prostate surgery for patients

Simply put, DevOps has resulted in more reliable and effective machines for carrying out robotic prostate surgery. This product development process has impacted prostate surgery in the following ways:

1. DevOps has made automation of various surgical procedures easier

Perhaps the biggest impact of DevOps is increased automation. Because the product development process is now easier and more streamlined, manufacturers have more leeway to incorporate innovative features while reducing human error.

2. DevOps has shortened the amount of time procedures take

Cutting down the timeline for surgical procedures can be particularly beneficial to patients. DevOps has played a critical role in shortening the development process for prostate surgery machines. It has also resulted in minimal downtime and fewer errors from the robots used to assist with prostate surgery.

More efficient machines translate to safer and more reliable surgical procedures for patients.

3. DevOps has made procedures safer and more reliable

Safety is a core component of any surgical procedure. The DevOps process provides an integrated and streamlined framework that results in highly accurate machines. As a result, patients can enjoy higher safety standards and better overall health in the long run.


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